​Iveco Defence Vehicles has established an outstanding reputation for the practical application of innovative automotive and protection solutions, drawing heavily on the company’s underpinning expertise in the commercial vehicle sector. The result is a full range of logistic, multirole, protected and armoured vehicles which together enables the military user to meet the most exacting of operational demands.

the company

The company is headquartered in Bolzano in Northern Italy, in the facility which was the original location of Lancia, a well regarded military vehicle manufacturer founded in 1937 which subsequently became part of the Iveco Group in 1975.
Iveco Defence Vehicles boasts a dedicated organic research and development organisation, whilst also benefitting from access to Iveco’s corporate engineering resources. Alongside the Engineering Department and prototyping workshop, the Bolzano facility houses the manufacturing, marketing, and aftersales operations, whilst an additional factory, based in Vittorio Veneto, provides a centre of excellence for protection. Starting from 2012 the company adopts World Class Manufacturing (WCM), a programme aimed at achieving production process excellence through continuous improvements.

other iveco engineering and manufacturing facilities

​​Other Iveco engineering and manufacturing facilities which work with Iveco Defence Vehicles include the Iveco-Astra plant in Piacenza (Italy), Iveco-Magirus in Ulm (Germany) and Iveco L.A in Sete Lagoas (Brazil).


Iveco Defence Vehicles' commitment to excellence in both engineering and uspport is evident in the company's certifications to ISO 9001 and in the military certification to AQAP 2110.

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